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Jennie Yiu

Jennie Yiu

Osteopathic Therapist

Jennie Yiu

Jennie chose a career in osteopathy after benefiting from treatment herself. She appreciated the philosophy of osteopathy when she realised that an approach to health needed to be multifaceted and considerate of all aspects of life. When problems arise, both the cause of the issue needs to be addressed and the symptoms ameliorated.

With these values in mind, Jennie completed a postgraduate certificate in specialist paediatric osteopathy in 2017 in the belief that nurturing young bodies to adapt to life’s stresses and strains would provide the most significant advantage to the individual throughout their life. Since then, Jennie has had lots of experience treating children, from babies with feeding problems to older children with sports injuries.

In adults, Jennie has a special interest in treating people with neck, shoulder and head pain, helping to alleviate tension, improve posture and enhance adaptation to everyday life. Jennie likes to treat both structurally and cranially in order to suit individual patients’ needs and give the best possible care she can provide.

Jennie graduated with a master’s degree from the British School of Osteopathy in 2014 after
completing a full time four year course. She enjoys treating people of all ages and has experience of
a wide variety of conditions.