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Ayurveda and Your Life Energy

Ayurveda-Yoga’s sister art is a 5000 year old traditional science designed to help you achieve a balanced and healthy body, mind and spirit through lifestyle advice such as dietary changes, meditation, exercise, yoga.  Ayurveda place particular importance in harmonising ones’ lifestyle with the natural cycles of the body, days and seasons-the circadian rhythm.  

Fundamental to Ayurveda are the following concepts:-

  • The importance of individual variation in all health-Ayurveda can be particularly insightful into the role of genetics in healthcare and exercise prescription.
  •  The role of time, seasons and age variation of diet, lifestyle and daily routine-circadian rhythms.

Although Ayurveda is ancient many of its key findings are beginning to gain support from scientific research. Neuroscience now points to the importance of observing times of activity, rest and recovery both for health and optimum work and mental performance.  Herbs and spices central to Ayurveda such as curcumin, ashvangandha and ginger are now well researched. Exercise physiology now point to the importance of active recovery after training-a concept that Ayurveda has emphasised for centuries. Likewise; genetic research now supports the importance of individual genetic factors on health and their successful modified by lifestyle factors-epigenetics.

Ayurveda consultations can help you understand:

  • What type, intensity and frequency of exercise are most suited to you.
  • What diet is most suitable for you at this stage and time of life and how this may change.
  • What Yoga postures, yoga styles and meditations will help you and which you may need to be careful of.
  • How to cope with the daily stresses of modern life.
  • How you can easily transition from different times and stages of life.

Life Coaching

Stress Management, Lifestyle, Mentoring

Life coaching guides and support individuals to be aligned with their values, gain clarity and move forward in times where we feel stuck or lack energy.

  • Genuine desire of personal growth and curiosity of what is possible
  • You are feeling stressed or are dealing with unpleasant recurrent emotions (anxiety, sadness or anger)
  • You are feeling stuck
  • You are feeling like you would like to get more out of life
  • You would like to improve your relationship/s and/or communication
  • You would like to have support and guidance in a transition period in your life
  • You would like to live in authenticity and feel a sense of inner peace
  • You would like to be healthier, empowered and vital
  • You would like to improve your general wellbeing and lifestyle

How does it work?

Normally 3-6 sessions is the minimum. But depending on your situation tailor advised will be provided.

However you can choose to have a life coach or mentor as someone to reach out to for a single consultation. This can be done in specific moments. Having meetings with your mentor in punctual moments of difficulty.

A mentor will make sure you stay empowered connected to your higher self and aligned with your vision and goals. A mentor can guide you and give you support when you feel stress, anxious or simply lack motivation and direction.

Steffi Lopez Gonzalez

Steffi Lopez Gonzalez

Yoga Teacher / Life Coach View Practitioner