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Frequent Questions

New patients have a consultation of 55 minutes duration.

Most consultations will involve some treatment. However, this will depend on the complexity of the case. For a satisfactory treatment outcome it is essential that a thorough and accurate diagnosis and treatment plan is achieved before commencing with treatment.

Sports, dance or Movement specific consultations please request an assessment in The Reboot Studio.

Whilst many patients attend their first consultation by themselves, others prefer to bring along a friend or family member to their first consultations. This is particularly appropriate if English is not your first language. All children must be accompanied by an adult.

Prior to the consultation patients will be asked to complete a health questionnaire. This will take approximately 10 minutes to fill in - so please arrive 10 minutes before the initial consultation time or complete before arrival.

A detailed account of your clinical history will be taken. You will be asked detailed questions about previous health and current symptoms as well as health aims and goals.

`In-house` medical testing, or referral for X-ray, M.R.I. or blood tests if appropriate.

Palpatory examination. 'Hands on' diagnosis is a central part of diagnosis. All initial consultations will involve some hands on work. Include whole body not just area in pain.

A review of findings and a clear explanation of the suspected cause/s of the problem. All findings will be treated with confidentiality.

This will include suggestions as to what we can do for you at The Clarke Clinic. It will also include suggestions as to what we can do with you as a 'partnership' to help you achieve your health goals. However, when appropriate it may include referral to other health care professionals. With your permission we may need to contact your General Practitioner to discuss previous investigations, current treatment or refer to another consultant. Often this is necessary when patients have private medical insurance.

Length of time: 30mins - 55 minutes

Initially, feedback and any changes in symptoms or concerns will be monitored and assessed. Your health and outcome goals will also be assessed; often these will change as symptoms improve and you are able to achieve more.

Suggested treatment will be explained and only implemented with your consent.

You will be fully involved in making decisions about your treatment.

You will be given advice on activities to do which will help treatment.

Medical Records : Blood tests, urine tests, M.R.I., X-ray's, Scans, E.E.G., E.C.G., Medical Reports by other specialists.

Whilst not essential we find that this is particularly useful when the issue to be treated is a movement pattern or performance problem. Video recordings of gym sessions or sports performance and/or your work environment may be useful.

often is possible to carry out examination through thin clothing. However, this is not always possible and for a thorough examination you may have to partially undress. Please bring some appropriate clothing such as shorts and a t-shirt.