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Carole Peyre

Carole Peyre

Personal Trainer

Carole Peyre

Carole began her martial arts training in full contact Savate, a traditional French martial art which combines elements of western boxing with graceful kicking techniques. She later trained in kickboxing and Kyokushinkai and went on to compete in international competitions in Europe, Asia and North America. Carole is a World Pan Amateur Kickboxing (WPKA) Championship bronze medalist, a WKSF Sanda World Championship finalist and a US Kyokushin-kai Open silver medalist.

Carole graduated from C.R.E.P.S. Sports Institute in France (Centre de Ressources, d’Expertise et de Performance Sportives).
After an injury and during her recovery path, Carole worked with The Clarke Clinic which gave her the chance to become an expert in body anatomy. Carole is now a renowned Personal Trainer, she provides fitness & training sessions to athletes competing in MMA tournaments and also helps them to get back in shape and recover after bodily injuries or trauma.

Key Skills

20 years in martial arts / fitness coaching & training: strong understanding of the body and how to help clients reach their fitness / recovery goals.

Graduated from one of the top sports Institution in France: strong foundations in sports, training and coaching.

Full Contact competition experience in “Striking Arts”: understanding of high level athletes’ fitness needs and progress targets.

Training, Certifications & Awards

FRC Functional Range Release Functional Anatomy

- Mobility training - Articular health & maintenance - Joint strengthening - Rehabilitation - Performance enhancement

F.R.® Spine Provider –Functional Range Release Technique Soft Tissue Management System Program Functional Anatomy Seminars, Functional Range Release®, Toronto Canada

- Functional Anatomic Palpation (F.A.P. TM) - Tissue Tension Technique TM - FR Release® Treatment Application - Progressive & Regressive Angular Isometric Loading (PAILs/RAILs)

CHFI Performance PT Coach Level 1 & 2 Clean Health, Fitness Institute

- Training program design for fat loss, strength and hypertrophy - Strongman training to enhance athletic performance and improve body composition - Energy systems training for fat loss from beginner to advanced

3rd place in Low Kick Division (53 kg) in World Championship World PROFI Kickboxing Association, Porto Carras Greece

Bronze Medalist in World Pan Amateur Kickboxing (WPKA) Championship Finalist in WKSF Sanda World Championship Silver Medalist in US Kyokushin-kai Open