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Our personal trainers are professionals trained to teach others how to exercise, stretch and move in a safe and effective way.  At Reboot we emphasis functional exercises –those designed to mimic but improve an individuals’ daily movement and exercise patterns, prevent future injury or prepare for a sports event.  Our trainers have been working with our clients at The Clarke Clinic for over a decade-so we have a trust and understanding of how movement and exercise can complement and enhance our clinical outcomes and visa versa.


The personal trainers at Reboot are highly educated, caring and passionate about helping you achieve your health goals. They work closely with each other and the team at The Clarke Clinic. Working with a trainer can help you for the following reasons:-

1.Effective goal setting and implications.

Trainers can help you identify which exercises are most effective for your health and fitness goals. As an example, if your goal is to build core strength it is essential that you can identify the different components that contribute to core stability identifying which may need further training and which are already well developed. If your training continues to emphasis only factors that are already well developed then you are unlikely to achieve your goal of core stability.

2.Learning correct technique, exercise intensity and recovery time when performing exercises.

This is essential in reducing your risk of injury and successfully achieving your health goals.  Sometimes incorrect training habits and routines can be a major factor that is preventing an individual being pain or injury free. Working with a trainer to learn the correct way to perform certain exercises can greatly reduce your risk of injury and increase the effectiveness of your fitness routine.

3.Identifying issues that need the individual attention of a skilled trainer.

Factors such as previous injuries, operations, incomplete rehabilitation or traumas can contribute to your pain or poor performance may need the help of personal attention from a trainer to be resolved.

4.Progression from recovery to performance.

If you are recovery from injury but want to return to sports or take your exercise to a higher level of performance a trainer can help you develop the  power, confidence, and speed in your movement that you require.