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Qigong is the practice of circulating and increasing energy in the body through breath and movement. Energy moves through the body in a network of meridians. Over time, through bad posture, habits and injuries these lines may become blocked or the energy stagnant within the body. Through simple guided movements we learn to breathe and move the body in a natural way that stimulates and loosens the fascia and soft connective tissue, slowly releasing trapped toxins, emotions and negative energy.

After a period of time, the practitioner will see an improved immune system, greater physical warmth and reserves of energy and resilience to face life’s challenges. The body will feel soft and supple and begin to move with grace and dexterity. There will be a greater sensitivity to the internal workings of the body and an increased ability to self-regulate.

The style of Qigong taught is Dong Yi Qi Ji Daoyin, a series of movements developed by Master Chang Liang Wei of Taiwan from his many years of study of the martial arts, taoist alchemy and yoga, meditation and breathwork.

Tai Chi

Tai Chi is the martial art of softness in movement. Tai Chi has many important health benefits such as health, prevention of dementia, balance, flexibility, increased vitality and energy. While appearing to be akin to a dance, Tai Chi is and remains a martial art. Each of the movements has a martial application which is effective in self defence. Through studying Tai Chi, the student attains a very stable body structure and a grace and naturalness in movement.

Bernard teaches Yang and Chen style Tai Chi. His teacher CS Tang studied under Yang Shou Chung and Feng Zhiqiang respectively.
Bernard Kwan

Bernard Kwan

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