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Life Coaching

Stress Management, Lifestyle, Mentoring

Life coaching guides and support individuals to be aligned with their values, gain clarity and move forward in times where we feel stuck or lack energy.

  • Genuine desire of personal growth and curiosity of what is possible
  • You are feeling stressed or are dealing with unpleasant recurrent emotions (anxiety, sadness or anger)
  • You are feeling stuck
  • You are feeling like you would like to get more out of life
  • You would like to improve your relationship/s and/or communication
  • You would like to have support and guidance in a transition period in your life
  • You would like to live in authenticity and feel a sense of inner peace
  • You would like to be healthier, empowered and vital
  • You would like to improve your general wellbeing and lifestyle

How does it work?
Normally 3-6 sessions is the minimum. But depending on your situation tailor advised will be provided.
However you can choose to have a life coach or mentor as someone to reach out to for a single consultation. This can be done in specific moments. Having meetings with your mentor in punctual moments of difficulty.
Mentoring is a great avenue in situations where you feel stuck, stress or doubtful. Being in these situations can spiral and bring the mood down, resulting in negative thought patterns and less energy levels.
A mentor will make sure you stay empowered connected to your higher self and aligned with your vision and goals. A mentor can guide you and give you support when you feel stress, anxious or simply lack motivation and direction.

Yoga - Meditation & Breathing (Pranayama)

Private Yoga
Yoga is for everyone. But private sessions enable you to have a program tailored to your needs, condition and goals. Whether is restoring and healing from an injury. Increasing your physical strength and flexibility. For your general wellbeing long term. Or to create better work balance and the reduction of stress. It is an amazing tool for stress management and will help you to create more harmony and inner peace regardless contextual situations or circumstances you are in. With private yoga you will embark in a journey of self discovery with insights and learnings you can apply and carry with a life long.
During private sessions the teacher is focused solely on your experience. Asanas, poses, movements, breathing techniques will be designed and evolved according to your singular situation. They will be monitored and safe. It will involved adjustments, one to one explanations, plenty of motivation and support. This will ensure quick tangible progress and you will realise how awareness grows rapidly. The body, the breath tell many stories on how we feel and our patterns, ways we have been living and habits. My aim during this sessions is for you to become more aware and empowered while you feel results at a physical, mental and emotional level and how they impact in a positive way your life. During our work together we maintain a close contact to ensure you get the most our of these sessions.

How does It work?
The first session will be a intake conversation and the filling of
We suggest you do at least 3 private sessions
Based on our evaluation and how you feel we can design a program that suits your needs and goals

Some of the benefits

  1. It improves your flexibility
  2. Builds muscle strength
  3. Perfects your posture
  4. Prevents cartilage and joint breakdown
  5. Protects your spine
  6. Betters your bone health
  7. Drains your lymphs and boots immune system
  8. Improves blood flow
  9. Regulates your adrenal glands
  10. Makes your happy, improves your mood
  11. Founds a healthy lifestyle
  12. Lowers blood sugar
  13. Helps you focus
  14. Relaxes your system
  15. Improves your balance
  16. More resilient nervous system
  17. Releases tension in your limbs
  18. Helps you sleep or rest deeper
  19. Boots your immune system functionality
  20. Gives your lungs room to breathe
  21. Prevents IBS and other digestive problems
  22. Gives you peace of mind
  23. Increases your self-esteem
  24. Eases your pain
  25. Gives inner strength
  26. Connects your with guidance
  27. Builds awareness for transformation
  28. Benefits your relationships
  29. Guides your body's healing in your mind’s eye
  30. Keeps allergies and viruses at bay
  31. Helps you serve others and improves your relationships
  32. Encourages self care

My Story

I myself have experienced yoga's healing power in a very real way. I was diagnosed with chronic lower back pain back in 2009. Back at the time I was working in a high paced and very demanding environment as a Producer in The Netherlands. The back pain became unbearable, especially at nights, and was taking away my sleep. Without proper rest, work stress increased, leading to anxiety. Yoga and meditation were incredibly powerful to heal; the physical: my back, but also dealing with stress and having a balanced and healthier lifestyle in all arenas. Within one year I felt healthy, physically and mentally stronger, energised, more flexible and, most importantly, the pain I had to deal with for several years disappeared. Yoga, asana, pranayama and meditation have incredible physical, mental and emotional healing power. Your quality of life, your general wellbeing and the approach to your day to day living will improve with the practice of yoga.